Cosmetics stand for beauty care and physical well-being. Whether skin cream or shampoo, toothpaste or make-up - the cosmetics industry produces a variety of products that serve this purpose.


We supply additives for this:

  • Fragrances / perfume oils
  • Active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • UV stabilizers

As a representative of the Chinese GMP production partner SINOBEST, we can provide the following range of additional products for companies in this industry:

  • Sunobel OCT (Octocrylene)
  • Sunobel AVB (Avobenzon)
  • Sunobel HMS
  • Sunobel OMC (Octinoxate)
  • Sunobel OS (salicylate)

Our product range for the cosmetics industry also includes antioxidants, disinfectants and dyes. In addition, we develop customized additives in cooperation with the company "Schäfer Additiv Systeme".